Ya Dun Goofed

Adventures in Narn.. Golarion (Owca's appartment)
Chapter one : The loss of virginity

Year 4343 of the second age…

Three brave heroes, born and raised in the town of Kassen ( Named by the hero Ekat Kassen – who saved this small city from danger) get their periods and are summoned by the mayor – a stout man by the name of Jonark Uptal to the town square.

From him they receive their quest – to become men, they must journey to Kassens tomb 2 days away from the town and retrieve the eternal flame from his resting place.

Our three heroes – a half-orc barbarian by the name of Basher, a human thief Altair and an elf sorcerer begin their journey, although not before almost beheading the mayor.

The path through the woods starts peacefully, but soon the group finds a fallen tree that blocks the path and is attacked by 3 Orks, who are easily killed. The Orks evaporate in thick smoke – pufff, and that is rather odd to our party.

The group pushes on, navigating the makeshift map and make good progress but night falls and they are forced to make camp.

They sleep like baby’s through the night – After the three starving wolves have been delt with.

Our heroes push on and make it to the hillside with the Crypt of the Everflame in the valley. The only thing separating them from the crypt is a steep slope. After all the troubles they faces on the way a simple slope shouldnt be a problem, right? Wrong! They start well, tying their hemped rope to a tree to help them on their descent. Altair takes the initiative – and in style loses his grip on the slippery rope, tumbles down the slope, badly spraining his ankle. Basher thinks he is better ( thinks is not a very good word for someone with a poor inteligence score), falls down the slope twice and gracefully, although unconciously lands next to his commerade. The last of our party, a light and gracefull (read: gay) elf starts the descent, falls like the others and in the end slams into a tree.

After resting for days healing the injuries of the mighty slope our party moves on, finding the entrance to the tomb along with slaughtered horses and ponies.

After looting, they approach the entrance and find the huge doors slightly ajar.

Basher pulls with all his might and the doors open ….. …..


For the orcs our heroes receive : 135 xp each
For the wolves : 400 xp each
For the mighty slope they receive : 100xp each

Roleplay and fail bonus : 35 xp each

Total per char: 670 xp


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